Discover the Perfect Epoxy Resin for Your Next Project

June 13, 2024 2 min read

Discover the Perfect Epoxy Resin for Your Next Project - TRUE COMPOSITES

Have you ever wondered how to achieve that smooth and glossy finish on your tables and bars? Or perhaps how to create those stunning "river tables" that adorn modern homes? Or, attaining a strong, durable coating for your marine application, carbon fiber use or fiberglass work? The answer lies in epoxy resin, and today we will discuss some different options that will help bring your creative projects to life.

Table Top Epoxy Resin:

If you are looking to create a smooth and glossy resin finish for your tables and bars, then this table top epoxy resin may be for you! Table top epoxy is perfect for a variety of projects, from river tables to jewelry and serving trays. Its proven formula preserves and enhances the natural beauty of wood, offering a modern finish that is resistant to UV rays and waterproof. Plus, its self-leveling technology makes application easy and ensures a high-gloss finish. It can be poured up to ¼” thick and can be layered for thicker castings.

 2:1 Deep Pour Epoxy Resin:

If you are looking for a solution that can be poured up to 2” deep and is virtually bubble-free, then deep pour epoxy resin may be the answer. Specially formulated for deeper pours, it is ideal for river tables, object encapsulation, and other projects where depth and clarity are essential. With a simple 2:1 mix ratio, you'll achieve magnificent results in every project.

Marine Grade 2:1 Laminating Epoxy:

For projects requiring superior strength with a measure of toughness, this 2:1 epoxy laminating resin is the ideal choice. Specially formulated for applications where flex in the finished part is expected. Versatile performance makes it suitable for marine, industrial, commercial, automotive, and artistic projects.

Aerospace Grade 4:1 Laminating Epoxy:

4:1 epoxy laminating resin is a stronger epoxy than the 2:1, but it is not as flexible.  Great for projects where high strength is needed.  This epoxy can withstand higher loads. Great for projects in aerospace, marine and automotive.

**It is important to note that epoxy resin is not compatible with chopped strand mat.**


So why wait? Take your next project to the next level with our range of high-quality epoxy resin options. From marine and automotive applications to artistic creations, there's no limit to what you can achieve with these versatile resins. Check out all of our offerings today and see how you can transform your projects with ease. The future of smooth and glossy finishes is at your fingertips - embrace it with our remarkable line of epoxy resins today!