What is Polyester Resin?

October 12, 2022 3 min read

What is Polyester Resin? - TRUE COMPOSITES

Those who are familiar with polyester resins may know that there are numerous applications for them. We cannot put its usage within a boundary. Since the application area of it is vast, it's impossible to explain all the ways of using polyester resin.

We can use it in paints and coatings, pharma, rubber, plastics, decorative items, wood coatings, and so on. Among all the applications, marine goods have the biggest application of Polyester resins. The invention of fiberglass boats helped to increase its popularity.

To comprehend the applications of something, we must first understand what it is. This blog will provide a brief overview of polyester resin and its applications.

What is Polyester Resin?

Polyester resin is created through a chemical reaction. This synthetic resin is composed of dibasic organic acids and polyhydric alcohols. Polyester resins come in four varieties. They are vinyl ester, alkyd, saturated polyester, and unsaturated polyester.

Primarily they remain in unsaturated form. The most commonly used method by the production centers is forming polyester resin from the reaction between diethylene glycol and unsaturated aliphatic acid such as maleic acid.

Advantages of Using Polyester Resins

Polyester resins are very famous all around the world. It is on the first page of the people's choice list because of having many benefits. It's impossible to explain them all thoroughly. But here are some important pros:

●  It has a low cost.

●  Has enough resistance to water and many chemicals.

●  Polyester is UV resistant.

●  Also has resistance to weathering, high temperature and aging.

● It has the quality of low shrinkage (4 to 8 percent) during the cure.

Some Ways of Using Polyester Resin

Many people are unaware of the variety of uses for polyester resins. We will briefly go over the applications of polyester resins in this blog. Keep reading the article for more information on wax and the fundamentals of polyester resins.

●  They are mainly used in construction, automotive, wood, and furniture finishing.

●  The combination of polyester and glass fiber reinforcement creates fiberglass. This is also known as glass-reinforced polyester (GRP). You can use it in restaurants, kitchens, and restrooms. 

●  They are also used for non-fiber-reinforced plastics.

●  You can use them for construction material, housing, and transportation equipment as they have excellent tensile, bending, and impact strength. Also, it is famous for having excellent heat and corrosion resistance.

●  We can also use it in sheet molding and bulk molding compounds as it has a low shrinking rate.

●  Polyester resins have resistance to tearing as it is firm and flexible. So, you can use it for making ropes and carpets by adding fabrics, rubbers, etc.

●  It is very famous for its use in automotive interiors. Again, polyester resins are transparent. So, you can use it for packaging purposes.

●  And the most common use of it is in the marine industry. TRUE COMPOSITES is a fiberglass polyester resin used in marine for building wood boats and repairing them.

The usage of polyester is very vast because of its high compatibility, and it takes less time to cure. The duration depends on the temperature. It will take approximately a minimum of 4 hours to 24 hours for polyester resins to dry depending on the weather and humidity.



Here, we have thoroughly discussed what polyester resins are, their advantages, and of course, some of the Ways of using Polyester Resin. Therefore, if you are looking to buy something made of polyester resin or use it elsewhere, this blog is for you.

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