Liquid Pigment for Epoxy, Gelcoat, Resin (4 Oz)

Want to add a bit of color to the resin project you’re working on?

Resin is such a flexible material. The creative possibilities are endless if you’re imaginative enough. You can make river tables, tumblers, bangles, coasters, and keychains, among others. You can do so much with it if you put yourself to the task.

Adding color works wonders. You can make crafts that are bright and vibrant with the right dye or pigment. Fortunately, you won’t have to look far for that kind of product. We have exactly what you need to make your next task a colorful one.

Bring much-needed solid colors to your resin project with the TRUE COMPOSITES Pigment!

Turn neutral and clear resin into a solid color with just a few drops of our colorant. Using dyed resin with fiberglass results in achieving a solid color. It’s helpful in masking small defects in your project as well as eliminating the need for repainting post-production. Mix in the dye with the resin and it will be part of the material itself, not just simply a surface coat.

Quality and price sets our product apart, and its airtight flip top lid makes it beginner-friendly and easy to use. Simply flip open the lid, squeeze gently, and apply how much you need. Snap close the lid and you’ll keep the leftover pigment safely. No wastage and no lost lids either!

Mixing colors is easy with the pigment we offer. With easier control over the amount you’re using, it becomes simpler to add in other colors to achieve your desired shade.

Learn more about the product we are offering:

🎨 Maximum Pigment Percentage By Product:
🎨 Polyester Resin - 3% Max
🎨 Epoxy Resin - 6% Max
🎨 Pre Colored Gelcoat (Black) - 3% Max
🎨 Neutral Gelcoat (No Color) - 6% Max
🎨 Safe, odorless, and non-toxic too!

Achieve the colors you want for your next resin project. Add TRUE COMPOSITES Pigment to your cart TODAY!

  • 🎨 SOLID-ACCURATE COLOR-We strive to provide accurate solid colors so you achieve the right tint!
  • 🎨 MULTIPLE USES-Use with epoxy, polyester resins, gelcoats, or paints for crafting & repair!!
  • 🎨 MULTIPURPOSE TINT-Use in art & crafts, boat repair, jewelry making, wood & countertops!!
  • 🎨 CHOICE-Get the desired shade with few drops. The flip top lid allows for great flow control
  • 🎨 SATISFACTION GUARANTEED-This is a great product at excellent price with an easy refund policy!


Customer Reviews

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love it


Eric K.
Awesome quality

Fantastic company to order from! Customer Service is excellent and quick to respond with any questions..... purchased received in such a short time, given the custom work I requested!!!!

John S.
well-packaged, and shipped quickly!

Strong Quality and Best Resin for Beginners

Don B.
Fast shipping

The coat rack is beautiful and looks exactly as I was hoping for. Behiye was very responsive and cared for all the details I was asking for.

bob l.
I love it!

In addition to resin kit also included disposable gloves, measuring cups and 2 application tubes that was a nice extra. I'll buy from them again.