Polyester Fiberglass Laminating Resin

  • ✅ GRADE A-True Composites is a renowned name for its premium product used in the marine industry!
  • ✅ CURES FAST-Reach cured quickly-4 hours minimum to 24 hours maximum, based on temperature!!
  • ✅ DRIES TACK-FREE-This DCPD-type resin dries tack free without the need for wax!!
  • ✅ MULTIPLE APPLICATIONS: marine, aerospace, FRP parts, auto body, on wood, fiberglass, or metal!!
  • ✅ HIGH COMPATIBILITY - Compatible with all types of fiberglass and coring materials, this polyester laminating resin is perfect for low-cost repairs, new construction parts, and vertical surfaces.



Items Description Price Qty
03050221620210 1 Gallon Kit (with Hardener) 1 Gallon Kit (with Hardener) $58.97
0305001 2 Gallon Kit (with Hardener) 2 Gallon Kit (with Hardener) $119.97
0305002 Case (4 Gallons with Hardener) Case (4 Gallons with Hardener) $219.97
03050221620213 5 Gallon Pail (Without Hardener) 5 Gallon Pail (Without Hardener) $247.97
55 Gallon Drum (Without Hardener) 55 Gallon Drum (Without Hardener) $1,999.97

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Customer Reviews

Based on 99 reviews
Steve Augat
Great to work with

Did a great job soaking into the mat cloth that I was using. Spread very easily. Misjudged the amount that I needed and ran short by a gallon on a 4 x 6 patch on the boat deck using two layers of mat cloth. Had to run out and grab some JB weld. JB Weld was thicker and did not saturate the mat as easily, It was like night and day.

Frank Corcoran
Poly fiberglass

Quality supplies at a great price

Jerome Brown
Resin and gel coat

1st time replacing boat floor. Should have bought the 5 gallon pail, instead I had to make 3 different orders. They showed up the same week everything. Awesome!
Was so nervous after reading about the horror stories of not mixing properly. Too cold, too hot. But every pour and lamination worked perfectly, even the gel coat! Which made everything look professional.
I'm grateful and indebted to truecomposits
sevice and product. Now I'm on to filling and coating all the screw holes with confidence. Thanks again.

Jason Jedlick
Marine Polyester Resin

This is the second 5 gallon bucket I have purchased and very happy thus far. I will say I prefer the plastic bucket over the metal pail though. No issues with the resin. I am in South Florida and temperatures have been in the low to mid 90’s so I can only mix 8-12 ounces of resin at 1% at a time or else it starts to jell up but that’s a heat issue. I am doing a complete rebuild of a 1969 Aquasport so I will be purchasing more of this resin to finish I’m sure

Brian Peri

Works great. Good work time also