• Gelcoat can be used to build or repair surfaces of body parts & boat hulls & to remove scratches!
  • Combine gel coat with MEKP at 1.5%. Mix thoroughly to ensure the product is properly catalyzed
  • Restorer is available transparent, but can be dyed with suitable pigment available at our store.
  • Restore & Protect boat paint from weathering, moisture & chemical exposure.
  • Covers approximately 20 sq. ft. per quart, or 80 sq. ft. per gallon

With 2oz of MEK-925. White Gel Coat to be used over fiberglass surfaces. This product is designed to cure to a tack-free finish. Restore scratch on boats, canoe, kayaks, bathtub, skate board, with clear or use coloring agents.


✴️ Contains No-Wax Hardener included Approximate Coverage 20 sq. ft.

✴️ Polyester Gel-Coat White No-Wax One Gallon Iso Polyester base.

✴️ UV stabilized for durable weather properties.

✴️ Use no less than 1/2 % MEKP, no more than 2% MEKP. Mix thoroughly for 2 minutes.

✴️ Pot life is approximately 15-25 minutes at 77 degrees Fahrenheit. Do not use under 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

✴️ Complete cure is approximately 45 minutes to 4 hours.


✴️ Clean surface and wipe clean with a dry rag.

✴️ Sanding is required between coats where applicable.

✴️ Apply with a Roller or Brush or cup gun application. Apply approximately 20 mils, approximately the thickness of a dime, of gel coat.

✴️ One gallon of gel coat paste will cover between 40-80 square feet at 20-25 mils.

✴️ May add up to 4 % pigment, normally 1oz. per quart, or 4oz. per gallon by volume.

✴️ May be thinned with Styrene, adding no more than 10% by volume. Clean up with Acetone. 

Benefits: It is a popular material to use when restoring shine to older fiberglass. No wax gelcoat is used when multiple layers of coats are used on a single task. This speeds up the process. However, the last gelcoat must have wax. The non-wax gelcoat will remain sticky until the wax is added. These have to be filled up several times, as the material is subject to shrinkage during curing. High-quality products are usually slightly cheaper especially when purchased in larger quantities. Get Professional maintenance, ideal with polishing, coloring and as sealant. Buff and polish your new gel coat to a professional-looking finish.


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Bill & Kim Rowan
Great Company!

I have recently replaced the stringers, bulkheads, and floor in a 1971, 18’ deep “V”, inboard/outboard Tom Sawyer. I used only True Composites products. I was totally satisfied with the quality of their products. Polyester resin, CSM, structural bonding buddy…they were all easy to work with and very consistent. But most of all, the business side of my dealings with them is what I am most impressed with. I ordered various things on many occasions, and I always received the merchandise in a timely manner. Finally, I am a novice "fiberglasser”, and they were very helpful in advising me on how to do “stuff”. Especially Dallon! Thanks so much for all your help Dallon.

Nicholas Pawelski
Gelcoat No Wax

Excellent product!

Lorenzo Tosi
Wanderful product

Gelcoat and resin are top quality level. Stro gly recommended

Good Product.

A really nice gel coat. Customer service answer my questions promply.


works like it is suppose to