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Set of 24 Disposable Chip Brushes with Durable Wooden Handles

Key Highlights:

  • Bulk Pack: Enjoy a cost-effective set of 24 brushes, perfect for all your one-time-use needs!
  • Versatile Use: Ideal for paint, stains, glues, and resins - making them a multipurpose choice for your projects!
  • Durable Wooden Handles: Ergonomically crafted wooden handles provide a comfortable and steady grip during use.
  • High-Quality Bristles: Smooth, natural bristles designed to hold and apply material evenly and consistently.
  • Eco-Friendly Option: Committed to sustainability, our brushes feature biodegradable wooden handles.

Product Description:

Presenting our box of 24 high-quality disposable chip brushes, your go-to companion for all DIY and professional projects. Whether you’re applying paint, spreading glue, or working with resins, this versatile brush set has got you covered!

Effortless Application: Engineered with natural, smooth bristles, these brushes ensure a sleek and even application in every stroke, preventing streaks and ensuring a professional finish even in the hands of beginners.

Ergonomic & Comfortable: The sturdy wooden handles are not only sustainable but also ergonomically designed to provide a comfortable grip, allowing for precise control and reducing hand fatigue during prolonged use.

Convenient & Practical: Avoid the hassle of cleanup with these disposable brushes. Once your project is complete, simply dispose of the brush responsibly. Ideal for situations where a quick change between materials is needed, or for use with materials that are difficult to clean.

Bulk Set for All Your Needs: With a generous set of 24 brushes, you'll always have a fresh brush on hand for different tasks, ensuring hygienic practices and preventing cross-contamination between materials.

Versatile Use Across Projects: These chip brushes are not limited to just one material or application. Use them across various projects involving paints, stains, glues, and more. Ideal for home improvements, crafting, or professional work.


  • Handle Material: Sustainably-sourced wood

Usage Tips:

  • Ensure the surface to be painted is clean and dry to achieve the best finish.
  • For optimal performance, use the appropriate brush size for your project.
  • While disposable, if choosing to reuse, ensure the brush is cleaned promptly and thoroughly after each use.

Order Your Set Today! Unlock convenience, quality, and value with our set of 24 disposable chip brushes. Ideal for enthusiasts and professionals alike, this set ensures you have a reliable brush at hand for all your project needs!

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