Ceramic Transom Pour Putty

True Composites Ceramic Transom Pour Putty is intended to use as a core material in the transoms of power boats.

Includes between 1 to 5 Gallons of Ceramic Transom Pour Putty with MEK Hardener. Its intended use is as a core material in the transoms of power boats. True Composites Ceramic Transom Pour Putty has a compressive strength of over 2,900 psi & is relatively lightweight (7.2 lbs/gal).

Boat manufacturing processes have improved a lot over the years, & True Composites has been there every step of the way. Our Ceramic Transom Pour Putty is becoming the standard for boat hull transoms, where extremely high compressive & flexural strengths & low exotherm in large masses are not only required, they’re everything. Today’s transoms hold more weight & power than ever before, & failure is not an option.

Repair: Rescuing Old Transoms

Many older powerboats were built with plywood transoms, which eventually rot. Our Ceramic Transom Pour Putty allows repair of these transoms that’s minimally invasive, takes less time, & is ultimately more cost effective.

But our customers have discovered many other uses for this versatile product:

✔Coring small parts
✔Providing a bed for mounting engines
✔Backing up two part molds
✔Repairing dry rot in transoms & stringers
✔Backing up marine hardware
✔Cyclone & separator bodies
✔Repairing worn pump housings
✔Preventing cavitation to condenser water boxes

Features of Ceramic Putty

✔Fast, cost effective & durable
✔Stainless steel, concrete, clean, abraded bronze, copper, & aluminum
✔Excellent electrical insulation characteristics
✔Repair cost at fraction of replacement cost

GEL PROPERTIES Gel Time: 21 Minutes Interval: 52 Minutes Total: 73 Minutes Peak Exotherm is 130°F

All Returns must be done on or before 30 Days.

  • ⚓ Rebuilding worn, damaged surface. Apply on unlimited thickness-horizontal, vertical areas!!
  • ⚓ Compressive strength of over 2,900 psi and is relatively light weight (7.2 lbs/gal).
  • ⚓ Efficient alternate method of repair where welding or brazing would be undesirable or impossible
  • ⚓ Smooth ceramic-filled putty with exceptional wear resistance. Deck Sealer & Crack Restorer!!
  • ⚓ Repair high wear areas against sliding abrasion, friction & erosion of processing equipment’s!


Items Description Price Qty
0306105601110 1 Gallon - with MEKP Hardener 1 Gallon - with MEKP Hardener $89.97
0306001 5 Gallon Kit - with MEKP Hardener 5 Gallon Kit - with MEKP Hardener $399.97
0306105601112 5 Gallon Pail (MEKP not included) 5 Gallon Pail (MEKP not included) $320.97

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Customer Reviews

Based on 74 reviews
Raymond Fliger
Transom repair

I am very very happy with the results of this product. My transom is as hard as a rock now, and supports the 115 merc easily. I highly recommend this to anyone that has a transom weakened by wood rot. Remove as much rot as possible. I used the 1 gallon pails. Mixes easily and pours easily. Outstanding results.

Scott d Overall sr
transom fix

ordered 5 gal but was not enough, had to get 2 more gal to finish it.. Works like a charm.. GREAT!!!!

perry hyde

Arjay 6011-Ceramic Pourable Compound Transom Putty

Keith Burley

Wasn't happy initially due to the missing bottle of MEK that set my project back a few days. Fortunately the company promptly sent me another. And after using for my transom rebuild, I have to say I am VERY satisfied with the product. Transom came out AWESOME!

Shipped quickly

Works great used it to make a water dam while drilling a hole in marble countertop - can't complain - rather large amount negates the need to by more in the near future.