White Gelcoat with Wax

    • QUICK REPAIRS-Use isophthalic NPG solution for repairing scratches or gouges on boat's finish
    • COVER MORE SURFACE-Each quart of gelcoat will cover up to 20 square feet of marine boat surface
    • SAIL THE HIGH SEAS-Withstand constant water sanding, compounding, repolishing with durability!!
    • MEETS SAFETY REQUIREMENT-made with strict boating transportation & sanitary protectant standard
    • CURES IN NO TIME-Watch it restore shine in 45 minutes to 4 hours to cure!!

    Description - With 5oz bottles of MEKP-925, White Gel Coat with Wax is to be used over fiberglass surfaces. This product is designed to cure to a tack-free finish. Restore scratch on boats, canoe, kayaks, jet ski, surfboard, bathtub, skate board, with clear or use coloring agents.


    ✅ After an initial wash, start the spring by hitting the hull with an oxidation remover and a buffer

    ✅ Polyester Gel-Coat White with Wax-One quart Iso Polyester base.

    ✅ UV stabilized for durable weather properties.

    ✅ Use no less than 1/2 % MEKP, no more than 2% MEKP. Mix thoroughly for 2 minutes.

    ✅ Pot life is approximately 15-25 minutes at 77 degrees Fahrenheit. Do not use under 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

    ✅ Complete cure is approximately 45 minutes to 4 hours. 

Customer Reviews

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Jerome Brown
Gel coat

Quick delivery, on all the products, fabric, resin and gel coat. Resin is perfect, fabric is perfect and gel coat is on now and drying but looks perfect.

David Smith
Callahan Graphics and Signs

I made a mistake while placing my order, they returned the shipment and sent me the proper material the next day, UPS damaged it during shipment and they then replaced that the next day again, over and above customer support first class all the way

Quick and easy to use.

As advertised. Quick and easy to apply and provided a nice shine on my RV.

Works great

I started using this ass California has been in a drought situation for years. I have use this to clean bird poop, tons of dirt living in the mountains. I have an all wheel drive vehicle and I go through all kinds of road. It cleans everything quickly, without damaging the paint. And even cleaned the windows. I have referred this product to all of my friends. As we are not allowed to wash our cars at home. And I hate going to the car washes.

This stuff is great.

Works better than expected. I use it early in the morning on my cars which are parked outside. The cars generlly have dew on them at that time so I spray over the dew and dry with towels. It leaves the cars with a nice shine and repels rainwater.